Photo credit: Angel Leggas, 3FatesMedia

Photo credit: Angel Leggas, 3FatesMedia

Commands her audience from the moment she hits the stage
— Theatre Guide

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 “Isabella’s show is a must-watch for her effortless performance” - The Advertiser (Adelaide)


'Valette in the lead role is effervescent, impressing most when she is able to express her physical comedic attributes, such as a very funny pop song sequence.' - Daily Review, Crikey (Melbourne)


“Valette delivers a solid performance... Valette’s best work, however, is in her secondary roles, where she portrays absurd but hilarious characters from the entertainment industry” - Rip it Up (Adelaide)


'Valette  herself was in-fatigable. She pumped energy into the night, wiggling and kicking her way through dances, twirls and comic musical adaptions. Which, I should note, she sang with a power that was quite astonishing' - Buzzcuts, Verity Johnson (Melbourne)


"Valette brings April’s innocence and naivety to the surface with conviction and believability" - Myron My, Theatrepress (Melbourne)

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"Isabella has never ending energy combined with a sharp tongue and sassiness spilling out of the room. She has the seasoned cabaret performer instincts to interact and control the room. In fact my favourite parts of the show was banter between Isabella and the crowd. When a scripted joke didn’t work out she could turn it around in the same breath" - Sam Talbot, Stories Well Told (Adelaide) 


"Had the audience roaring with laugher. A heckler in the front row tried his own comedy out, but Valette dished it right back, much to the amusement of the rest of the audience." Sarah Tynan, Great Scott. 

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"Isabella is a charming, light-hearted, quick witted performer... definitely a show to see." - Nick Jones, Pop Culture-y


"I saw Princesstuous on its last night, but it has to come back for another season or three.... terrific deconstruction... should have its own commemorative tea towel and mug." - Anne Marie Peard, Sometimes Melbourne, The Age. 

Other notable mentions: 

"Mitch Ralston is convincing and engaging ... Isabella Valette shines as his equally attractive co-star" - Simon Parris, Man in a Chair (Butch Masters: Man of Destiny, Alex Theatre) 


"Further scene stand-outs include... Australian Isabella Valette beautifully downplaying a moment from Play #28 as an anxious mother out on a stroll with her baby." - The Stage, UK (Criterion Theatre, WestEnd, London. ArtsEd Graduate Showcase) 


* Listed in 2015 Herald Sun as one of Melbourne International Comedy Festival's 'new faces to watch.' - Mikey Cahill. 


....In-fatiguable. She pumped energy into the night, wiggling and kicking her way through dances, twirls and comic musical adaptions.
— Verity Johnson, Buzzcuts